American Tang Soo Do Karate 

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Exciting doesn't even begin to tell the story of Karate. High Kicking, Jump Spinning, Flying through the Air, Intense situations, Unbelievable accomplishments don't even scratch the surface of what we do here, all in a Disciplined, Atmosphere, where Self Confidence is order of the Day!

 Gup  & Dan Testing

March @

Focus Karate 14320 Bustleton Pk.

Phila. Pa. 19116 

Be dressed and on the floor


American Tang Soo Do Karate teaches The Traditional Martial Art Of

Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan.

We have students ranging in age from 4-60 years of age and everyone finds the benefits of the martial arts that enhances their lives. Come join us and change your life forever. 

​Not every activity can say that.

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