American Tang Soo Do Karate 

These DVD's contain The Forms, One Step Sparring, Self Defense, and Terminology as used by Master William Ott at his American Tang Soo Do Schools. The DVD contains all techniques from White to Black Belt. All forms are shown from (2) angles front & side. Each one step sparring is shown, and each set of self defense moves is shown and then shown again in close up as to be able to understand the proper grip, pressure and angles. All terminology is shown and then pronounced for the student, (something that is rarely done on DVD's). This DVD collection

contains all Kicho, & Phyung Ahn forms, Bassai,

and Niahnchi Cho Dan. Each segment (White/Orange Belt, Green Belt, Red Belt) is approximately 15 minutes long, making for a combined DVD length of 45-50 minutes.

We have combined all 3 DVD's into one DVD for your Convenience.

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​American Tang Soo Do DVD's

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