Tournament competition is an exciting and much anticipated activity by all the students at

American Tang Soo Do Karate. We try to do at least 3 local tournaments for our students training.

(Remember a tournament is the closest thing to a real situation we can put the student in, to test their skill without putting the student in any danger or subjecting them to real harm.) We travel locally and if you want, we try to travel to other competitions once a year. 

Our teams and students have been to Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Delaware, Disney World, and Orlando in Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Atlantic City, Los Angeles,

And abroad to the U.K. and Malaysia! 


Our weapon of choice at American Tang Soo Do is the Staff (Bo, Bong).

The skill needed to wield this weapon correctly takes dedication and patient practice. We have several students here that have an unending dedication to this weapon and are a pleasure to watch. We start to introduce this weapon usually at our Summer Camp to those Master Ott deems competent enough to follow through with the training. You have to earn the attention needed to learn this weapon, everybody tries it, few are accomplished. 

​Are you ready for the challenge?


​Our Adult program has the intensity, rock hard

training, grueling workouts, that you expect from the martial arts, but we take it to the next level...and then leave that level for the next one!

Teaching Tang Soo Do, Hap Ki Do, also teaching the Bunkai, and the Philosophy behind the art.

If you are anywhere else, something is missing in your training. 

Tang Soo Do

The hard art, Kicking,  Punching, Forms, & Fighting!

We encompass Strategy, Technique, deception, and yes Brute Force when necessary. I could say much more but it would take too long here.

Hap Ki Do

Our Joint Locking and manipulation that's contained in our regular Curriculum, gives our students the ability to control a situation without having to rely strictly on  

physical force. How would you like to get out of a fight by just bending someone's wrist, elbow, or shoulder, and much, much, more.

Childrens Class

Our Children's classes are the Best around. Small size coupled with excellent instruction and with all the extra help they receive from their peers who have been there longer and love to help

the new kids.. 

Let's just say it makes for and excellent atmosphere to learn the martial arts! We take pride in helping our children excel and therefore make the next generation Mentally and Physically Stronger. They will develop Better Discipline, More Self Esteem, Confidence,

and Leadership abilities.

​They will not be bullied, or pushed around now or  later in life, they will develop an affinity to help the weaker, participate in their communities, and be better adults.


At American Tang Soo Do Karate we are a Family oriented School. Almost 2/3 of our school is made up of Fathers, Children, Brothers, Sisters, and/or Cousins. 

This is one of the only activities that siblings can do together at the same time in the same class, and probably the only activity that parents can do at the same time as their children, no matter what age!

Karate Lessons

American Tang Soo Do Karate 

​Summer Camp

Every Year we hold a Summer Camp. this is where we teach a lot of our new and non curriculum techniques. Our weapons training all starts when you come to this Camp. 

Other things we teach at Summer Camp is, Acrobatic Kicking, Special Self Defense, Pressure Point, Defense and pressure Point Fighting, Aiki-Jitsu, And advanced techniques to Red and Black Belts, that include Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Forms Bunkai, Light touch knoackouts, and much more.