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    Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan

Tang Soo Do
(The Way of the Empty Hand or China Hand)

Tang: Tang Dynasty of China (Where martial arts are said to originate.)
Soo: Hand
Do: Way 

Tang: Kara
Soo: Te

Modern Tang Soo Do as a style was founded on November 9, 1945 in Seoul, Korea by Hwang Kee, with "Tang Soo Do" as the art, and the school or style being "Moo Duk Kwan." Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan (As with almost all other styles) is a composite of many other disciplines: Tae Kyon (Kicking), Various Japanese styles (i.e.: Shotokan & Okinawan styles), and forms, hand techniques, and personal research by Hwang Kee, the systems founder.

Tang Soo Do has a varied and interested beginning starting out as Hwa Soo Do (Way of the Flowering Hand), then Tang Soo Do to gain acceptance in Japanese influenced Korea, and incorporated as Su Bahk Do.

As with many Korean arts, Tang Soo Do is said to have its roots in the Moo Yei Do bo Tong Ji, which is an ancient martial arts book found in Korea but written in Chinese. The book seems to be in three parts: the first general opening, Chinese Weapons , and the Kwon Bup.

Schools in the Lineage of Master William Ott

                            American Tang Soo Do - Master William Ott


             ​Focus Karate - Master Scott Sadowsky



As with every other martial art, the organizations and governing bodies are numerous. I think this all begins when favoritism is shown to certain members of one organization and they break off to form their own organization, I know this happened in Tang Soo Do’s case. The martial arts operate on a military rank system and when this system in interrupted because of favoritism or nepotism or for any other reason people tend to become disgruntled when they are stepped over and end up leaving.

Some of the better known organizations are:

          Traditional Tang Soo Do International headed byGrandmaster Frederick Scott

          United States Soo Bahk Do Federation, headed by Grandmaster H. C. Hwang

           Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan, headed by Grandmaster Charles Ferraro.

            Traditional Tang Soo Do Federation (U.K.) Grandmaster John Trudgill

                 Martial Sports Foundation Master William Ott


We belong to Traditional Tang Soo Do International headed by Grandmaster Frederick Scott.
His web site is 

Why Tang Soo Do

10. You’re so busy having fun training in karate that you don’t even notice the self-defense, self esteem, confidence building, and discipline that has seeped into you or your child’s life.
9. Being that karate is taught in a school like atmosphere, progress is marked through our belt system and these little achievements through time is what keeps enthusiasm high to keep kids training and receiving the great benefits of karate. 
8. Children really do want to learn, have good discipline and impress others with what they learn; they just aren’t given the chance early in life mainly because adults think they can’t handle it. Believe me they can. Our fun but serious atmosphere is best to keep interest high while instilling good values kids want to learn. 
7. Karate makes you better at other sports and activities you participate in. The discipline, Physical fitness and never give up attitude you learn in karate helps in all other sports. A lot of my students are star athletes in other sports as well as being good at karate. 
6.  Karate is practiced in a group or team like setting but merit is given individually so you have the best of team sport camaraderie and individual achievement. 
5.  The training here, (because it is mental, not just physical (not just a game) will last a lifetime. 
4. No One is Left Behind. Nobody sits on the bench in karate. No matter your level you will participate all the time. Unlike most other sports. 
3.  Families can practice together. You can’t be on the same baseball, football, or basketball team as your son or daughter but you can train in karate with them.Brothers and sisters can train together. It would be a memory of a lifetime for your children to be able to train with each other even at different ages or to train with Mom or Dad. 70% of the students at this school train with a sibling(s) Mom or Dad. 70%Don’t pass up the chance for a lifelong memory. 
2.  Everyone needs to train in the martial arts at least for a while in their life. The school system is not teaching self defense, defenses against bulling, being molested, etc. Their main job is not to raise a child’s self esteem or discipline. Quite frankly a lot of these problems start because the school system is so overwhelmed. It’s up to you the parent to make sure your children are as safe as they possibly can be. 
1.  1 in every 6 children are bullied, physically or sexually harassed or abused, are kidnapped, and if unable to escape in the first 24 Hrs. are killed in the most horrible of ways. The children that are the victims of even the mildest bullying or abuse are scarred for life. Don’t let your child be that victim, give them a fighting chance. Join Now! You won’t regret it.


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